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Potentiometers and rheostats

Product List

3590S-2-502L Bourns potentiometer3590S-2-502L Bourns potentiometer21$in stock
500.0503 potentiometer500.0503 potentiometer0$out of stock
500.0803 RFT potentiometer500.0803 RFT potentiometer109$in stock
500.7825 RFT potentiometer500.7825 RFT potentiometer97$in stock
542.2733.2 RFT potentiometer542.2733.2 RFT potentiometer82$in stock
ESB-0,95 rheostatESB-0,95 rheostat26$in stock
GANZ BAYA Type FEH 0.9 220V rheostat100$in stock
P8V-015 28/36V 2/5,7Om 6-2,5А rheostat111$in stock
PEV-100 resistor7$in stock
PEV-25 resistor4$in stock
PEV-50 resistorPEV-50 resistor6$in stock
PEV-75 resistor7$in stock
PEVR-100 resistor7$in stock
PEVR-25 resistor4$in stock
PEVR-50 resistor PEVR-50 resistor 7$in stock
PEVR-75 resistor4$in stock
PLP-12c 2W 2kOm potentiometer0$out of stock
PPB-25D potentiometer7$in stock
PPB-25E potentiometer 7$in stock
PPB-25G potentiometer7$in stock
PPB-3A potentiometer7$in stock
PTP5KS1 32kOm potentiometerPTP5KS1 32kOm potentiometer140$in stock
R-0,5-OM5 80Om 2,05А rheostat109$in stock
R-1-OM5 16Om 6,5А rheostat109$in stock
Rheostat 0,5OmRheostat 0,5Om26$in stock
RPS45 Type Sakae Megatron-Munchen potentiometerRPS45 Type Sakae Megatron-Munchen potentiometer225$in stock
SKF-150M5 rheostat1000$in stock
SP5-30-II-16G potentiometerSP5-30-II-16G potentiometer2$in stock
Upo63 VEB Carl Zeiss JENA 5W 625Om potentiometerUpo63 VEB Carl Zeiss JENA 5W 625Om potentiometer0$out of stock