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Diodes and thyristors

Product List

BH45-704A Facon wave bridge rectifierBH45-704A Facon wave bridge rectifier77$in stock
CS400-12io BBC thyristorCS400-12io BBC thyristor0$out of stock
D1009 diodeD1009 diode6$in stock
D1011А diode7$in stock
D132-80-10 diode19$in stock
D133-400-24 diodeD133-400-24 diode19$in stock
D161-200-12 diodeD161-200-12 diode47$in stock
D840-25-06 diodeD840-25-06 diode57$in stock
DL112-25-12 diodeDL112-25-12 diode10$in stock
DL122-40-10 diodeDL122-40-10 diode13$in stock
DS856-320-06 EF diodeDS856-320-06 EF diode57$in stock
IS440R NEC diodeIS440R NEC diode43$in stock
Radiator to cool the diodesRadiator to cool the diodes14$in stock
SY250 diodeSY250 diode0$out of stock
T-630-24 thyristorT-630-24 thyristor51$in stock
T150-6-065-1 thyristor26$in stock
T160-12 thyristor34$in stock
T161-320-9 thyristorT161-320-9 thyristor51$in stock
T171-250-16.42 UKhL2 thyristorT171-250-16.42 UKhL2 thyristor27$in stock
T956-320-12 thyristor85$in stock
TL271-250-8-74 estel thyristorTL271-250-8-74 estel thyristor21$in stock
TY120 PR10 ASEA thyristorTY120 PR10 ASEA thyristor28$in stock
Typ 12DU6-3M diode rectifier283$in stock
Typ 7JU6-3M diode rectifier257$in stock
V10х4 diode rectifierV10х4 diode rectifier34$in stock
V200-14 diodeV200-14 diode51$in stock
V25-12 diode21$in stock
V320-14 diodeV320-14 diode54$in stock
V50-14 diode27$in stock
VL10-10 diodeVL10-10 diode7$in stock
VSKD166/12PBF modulVSKD166/12PBF modul80$in stock