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Temperature switches

Product List

 CH-8708 Type IS 23N TRAFAG temperature switch CH-8708 Type IS 23N TRAFAG temperature switch199$in stock
 KPS83 DANFOSS temperature switch KPS83 DANFOSS temperature switch0$out of stock
 TFg142-5.1X Type temperature switch TFg142-5.1X Type temperature switch108$in stock
12A Model Transmitter FOXBORO12A Model Transmitter FOXBORO165$in stock
2320-J1-11.0-14 Model BURLING temperature switch2320-J1-11.0-14 Model BURLING temperature switch108$in stock
361 Typ GDR temperature switch361 Typ GDR temperature switch139$in stock
4140AK1E11CB2-EE Amot temperature and pressure switcher4140AK1E11CB2-EE Amot temperature and pressure switcher511$in stock
4140DKID00CK6-GG AMOT CONTROLS temperature switch285$in stock
471.2331 Type Trafag temperature switch471.2331 Type Trafag temperature switch257$in stock
612.90 Typ Mertik temperature switch612.90 Typ Mertik temperature switch194$in stock
653.52 Type MERTIK temperature switch653.52 Type MERTIK temperature switch139$in stock
680.2503 Trafag temperature switch680.2503 Trafag temperature switch111$in stock
CAS-178 Danfoss temperature switchCAS-178 Danfoss temperature switch226$in stock
DTDP-P-TU 25-03-233-71 temperature switch35$in stock
ER 96-2s Type GESTRA temperature switchER 96-2s Type GESTRA temperature switch0$out of stock
ETR-0195 temperature switchETR-0195 temperature switch28$in stock
FTL160AC temperature switchFTL160AC temperature switch171$in stock
JET 110V 200W temperature switchJET 110V 200W temperature switch29$in stock
KM3-S PGH Elektromerseburg temperature switchKM3-S PGH Elektromerseburg temperature switch137$in stock
KP79 Danfoss temperature switchKP79 Danfoss temperature switch166$in stock
KPS79 Danfoss temperature switchKPS79 Danfoss temperature switch251$in stock
KR-3 temperature switchKR-3 temperature switch0$out of stock
KRM temperature switchKRM temperature switch169$in stock
LP1758/10 temperature switchLP1758/10 temperature switch80$in stock
LP1929/02 temperature switchLP1929/02 temperature switch80$in stock
LP8031/06 temperature switchLP8031/06 temperature switch80$in stock
PXZ4RAY2-4V200 temperature switch103$in stock
RNT-1 temperature switchRNT-1 temperature switch166$in stock
RT106 Type DANFOSS temperature switchRT106 Type DANFOSS temperature switch223$in stock
RT107  Type Danfoss temperature switchRT107 Type Danfoss temperature switch223$in stock
RT11 Type Danfoss temperature switchRT11 Type Danfoss temperature switch140$in stock
RT13 Type DANFOSS temperature switch124$in stock
RT17 Type DANFOSS temperature switch127$in stock
RT34-E Type DANFOSS temperature switchRT34-E Type DANFOSS temperature switch193$in stock
RT4 Type Danfoss temperature switch197$in stock
RT7 Type Danfoss temperature switch225$in stock
T-35P temperature switchT-35P temperature switch70$in stock
T21K1-1-08 temperature switchT21K1-1-08 temperature switch159$in stock
T32M-02 temperature switch39$in stock
T419-M1 temperature switchT419-M1 temperature switch43$in stock
T80 TSC 11W 1403F SAUTER temperature switchT80 TSC 11W 1403F SAUTER temperature switch54$in stock
TAM102-1(2)-07-2-2 temperature switchTAM102-1(2)-07-2-2 temperature switch126$in stock
TAM102-1-05-3-2 temperature switch126$in stock
TAM102-2-08-2-2 temperature switch126$in stock
TB14 Typ Birka temperature switchTB14 Typ Birka temperature switch83$out of stock
TR-K-03 temperature switch82$in stock
TR-K-04 temperature switch111$in stock
TR-K-06 temperature switchTR-K-06 temperature switch166$in stock
TR-OM5-06 temperature switch166$in stock
TRM temperature switchTRM temperature switch46$in stock
TUDE-1M1 temperature switchTUDE-1M1 temperature switch54$in stock
TZ4ST-14R temperature switch45$in stock
WTYK-11 temperature switchWTYK-11 temperature switch100$in stock
WTZK-50C temperature switchWTZK-50C temperature switch127$in stock