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Spare parts

Product List

429 cam shim for KV-00 series controllers429 cam shim for KV-00 series controllers103$in stock
5TD.221.010 roller5TD.221.010 roller8$in stock
5TD.505.017 flexible hose connection5TD.505.017 flexible hose connection11$in stock
5TD.505.019 flexible hose connection5TD.505.019 flexible hose connection4$in stock
5TD.551.056 movable contact5TD.551.056 movable contact11$in stock
5TD.551.057 fixed contact5TD.551.057 fixed contact13$in stock
5TD.551.060 fixed contact5TD.551.060 fixed contact17$in stock
5TD.553.012 bridge pin5TD.553.012 bridge pin10$in stock
5TD.553.056 bridge pin5TD.553.056 bridge pin11$in stock
5TD.568.016 contact bolt5TD.568.016 contact bolt10$in stock
5TD.568.051-7 contact bolt8$in stock
5TD.740.029 interrupter5TD.740.029 interrupter11$in stock
5TD.740.031 interrupter 5TD.740.031 interrupter 25$in stock
657 cam shim for KV-1000 and KV-2000 series controllers657 cam shim for KV-1000 and KV-2000 series controllers109$in stock
8BS2810578 spring 8BS2810578 spring 1$in stock
8TD.205.206-2 axis8TD.205.206-2 axis5$in stock
8TD.281.168 spring8TD.281.168 spring10$in stock
8TD.281.189 spring1$in stock
8TD.281.204 spring8TD.281.204 spring5$in stock
8TD.281.205 spring8TD.281.205 spring5$in stock
8TD.281.231 spring8TD.281.231 spring13$in stock
8TD.281.253 spring8TD.281.253 spring6$in stock
8TD.285.031 spring8TD.285.031 spring4$in stock
KE-42 6TD.687.019 contact cam elementKE-42 6TD.687.019 contact cam element23$in stock
KE-44 contact cam elementKE-44 contact cam element80$in stock
KE-45 contact cam element KE-45 contact cam element 97$in stock
P-12 ELTA contact cam elementP-12 ELTA contact cam element109$in stock
Switching plug for KV-series controllersSwitching plug for KV-series controllers120$in stock