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Circuit breakers

Product List

5BS.551.025 contact5BS.551.025 contact17$in stock
5SM6510 SII G 10A Siemens circuit breaker5SM6510 SII G 10A Siemens circuit breaker57$in stock
A3124 100A circuit breakerA3124 100A circuit breaker111$in stock
A3314 100A circuit breakerA3314 100A circuit breaker129$in stock
A3333 200A circuit breaker140$in stock
A3334 200A circuit breaker133$in stock
A3344 600A circuit breaker408$in stock
A3513 400V 120A circuit breaker366$in stock
A3513 circuit breakerA3513 circuit breaker194$in stock
A3543 400V 600A circuit breaker800$in stock
A3544 400A circuit breaker282$in stock
A3714BR 80A circuit breakerA3714BR 80A circuit breaker114$in stock
A3716 FU3 IP20 circuit breakerA3716 FU3 IP20 circuit breaker54$in stock
A3724 160A circuit breakerA3724 160A circuit breaker254$in stock
A3772 BR circuit breaker100$in stock
A3776 BR 63A circuit breaker282$in stock
A3776 BR circuit breakerA3776 BR circuit breaker100$in stock
A3785BR 160A circuit breaker257$in stock
A3786 BR circuit breakerA3786 BR circuit breaker251$in stock
A3792BR 630A circuit breakerA3792BR 630A circuit breaker454$in stock
A3794 SM 400A 380V circuit breakerA3794 SM 400A 380V circuit breaker282$in stock
A3796 BR 320A circuit breakerA3796 BR 320A circuit breaker284$in stock
A63-MG circuit breakerA63-MG circuit breaker14$in stock
ABE-32 LG circuit breakerABE-32 LG circuit breaker28$in stock
AK25-211-00 OM5 16A circuit breakerAK25-211-00 OM5 16A circuit breaker46$in stock
AK25-212-00 OM5 circuit breakerAK25-212-00 OM5 circuit breaker49$in stock
AK25-311-00 OM5 circuit breakerAK25-311-00 OM5 circuit breaker51$in stock
AK50B-2MG-OM3 circuit breakerAK50B-2MG-OM3 circuit breaker53$in stock
AK50B-3MG-OM2 IP56 waterproof circuit breakerAK50B-3MG-OM2 IP56 waterproof circuit breaker99$in stock
AK50B-3MG-OM3 circuit breakerAK50B-3MG-OM3 circuit breaker73$in stock
AK63 circuit breakerAK63 circuit breaker57$in stock
APU-30/AWA/400-III PW APENA circuit breakerAPU-30/AWA/400-III PW APENA circuit breaker0$in stock
AS25-211-00 OM5 circuit breakerAS25-211-00 OM5 circuit breaker49$in stock
AS25-311-00 OM5 circuit breakerAS25-311-00 OM5 circuit breaker51$in stock
AZR-70 circuit breakerAZR-70 circuit breaker14$in stock
AZS circuit breaker8$in stock
C1251N Merlin Gerin circuit breaker0$in stock
C2 S191 Fael circuit breakerC2 S191 Fael circuit breaker14$in stock
C4 S192 Fael circuit breakerC4 S192 Fael circuit breaker26$in stock
C6 S193 Fael  circuit breakerC6 S193 Fael circuit breaker34$in stock
C60N multi9 Merlin Gerin 2ph circuit breakerC60N multi9 Merlin Gerin 2ph circuit breaker37$in stock
C60N multi9 Merlin Gerin 3ph circuit breakerC60N multi9 Merlin Gerin 3ph circuit breaker46$in stock
ContactContact28$in stock
Contact of circuit breaker ВА74-40 Contact of circuit breaker ВА74-40 26$in stock
DB-33C 30A circuit breakerDB-33C 30A circuit breaker26$in stock
EBL160 circuit breakerEBL160 circuit breaker280$in stock
EBL25 circuit breakerEBL25 circuit breaker143$in stock
EBL63 circuit breakerEBL63 circuit breaker223$in stock
ENLH-63 EAW circuit breakerENLH-63 EAW circuit breaker111$in stock
FB150 Ema Elester circuit breakerFB150 Ema Elester circuit breaker54$in stock
FE20S-2 Fael circuit breakerFE20S-2 Fael circuit breaker26$in stock
GV2ME05C Telemecanique circuit breakerGV2ME05C Telemecanique circuit breaker66$in stock
GVAU385 Telemecanique circuit trips GVAU385 Telemecanique circuit trips 43$in stock
L25-100L Limitor 100A circuit breakerL25-100L Limitor 100A circuit breaker109$in stock
M25-bs 25A 500V  DDR circuit breakerM25-bs 25A 500V DDR circuit breaker191$in stock
M250S Fael circuit breakerM250S Fael circuit breaker34$in stock
MT250 Compact NS MT250 Compact NS 483$in stock
MX+OF 26946 220-415В 6А Schneider Electric MX+OF 26946 220-415В 6А Schneider Electric 77$in stock
N-101 Type 25A circuit breakerN-101 Type 25A circuit breaker28$in stock
NS100N STR22SE Compact Merlin Gerin circuit breakerNS100N STR22SE Compact Merlin Gerin circuit breaker285$in stock
NS160N Compact Merlin Gerin circuit breakerNS160N Compact Merlin Gerin circuit breaker566$in stock
NS160N STR22SE COMPACT Merlin Gerin circuit breaker428$in stock
NS250N STR22SE Compact Merlin Gerin circuit breakerNS250N STR22SE Compact Merlin Gerin circuit breaker509$in stock
Typ EL TGL12464 DDR circuit breakerTyp EL TGL12464 DDR circuit breaker0$out of stock
USOL-100 circuit breakerUSOL-100 circuit breaker114$in stock
VA57-39-340010-20 320A 660V circuit breakerVA57-39-340010-20 320A 660V circuit breaker129$in stock
VA74-40 OM4 260A 127V RN 0,18 sec. circuit breaker1966$in stock
VA74-40 OM4S 375A circuit breakerVA74-40 OM4S 375A circuit breaker3286$in stock
VA88-35 160A IEK circuit breakerVA88-35 160A IEK circuit breaker71$in stock
WIS-100 100A Typ Ema Elester circuit breakerWIS-100 100A Typ Ema Elester circuit breaker171$in stock
WIS-400M Typ Ema Elester circuit breakerWIS-400M Typ Ema Elester circuit breaker257$in stock
WIS-400M Typ Ema Elester circuit breakerWIS-400M Typ Ema Elester circuit breaker428$in stock
XS50NS 50A Terasaki circuit breakerXS50NS 50A Terasaki circuit breaker80$in stock